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Help & FAQs

Q: Is there a charge to have my return address printed?
A: Yes, there is a $.10 per card charge for any of our standard inks, and a $.20 per card charge to upgrade to foil inks.

Q: How can I add a logo to the inside of my card and is there a cost?
A: To place a logo on the inside of your card, there is a $25 one-time upload fee. If the logo you use is already on file, there is no upload charge. To print your logo and sentiment in one custom PMS color, an additional charge of $.20/card will apply.

File Formats should be in .JPG, .PDF, .TIF, or .EPS formats.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accept art that was created in any Microsoft programs such as Excel (.xls), Word (.doc), PowerPoint (.ppt), Publisher (.pub), etc.

FONTS: Please do not send us your fonts. We cannot use them due to licensing laws. Make sure your fonts are embedded, created to outlines, etc. depending on which program you are using.

ART: Please send art in 600 dpi. Photos can be 300 dpi.

Q: What are the standard ink and foil Colors?
A: Standard ink colors include Black, Brown, Burgundy, Gold, Hunter, Navy, Red and Silver. Standard foil colors include Copper, Gold, Hunter, Red and Silver.

Q: Is there a charge to print the sentiment and logo in more than one color of ink?
A: Yes, we can print the sentiment and logo in 2-4 colors for a flat fee of $40 plus $.15/card. The multi-color ink charge does include custom pantone options if desired. Please call Customer Service if you would like to print your sentiment and logo in more than one color. These orders cannot be completed on-line. Full Bleed Photo card does have the multiple ink charge built into the price and will not incur a separate multi-ink fee.

Q: Are UNICEF business greeting cards printed on recycled paper?
A: Our focus is on sustainable forest management. Our cards and envelopes are made with a commitment to sustainable forest management and the responsible use of the planet's natural resources.

Q: Is tax charged on my order?
A: Sales tax is applied to the total amount of the order and is based on State and local tax rates where the order is being shipped. In some States delivery charges are also subject to tax. The amount appearing on your order as "Estimated Tax" may differ from the sales taxes ultimately charged.

Q: What percentage of my purchase goes to the UNICEF USA?
A: A minimum of 20% of each purchase goes to UNICEF to help save the world's children from dying from preventable causes.

Q: Is the UNICEF Tribute Card different from other UNICEF Business Greetings?
A: Yes, the UNICEF Tribute Card is a nice way to honor a client, employee, or business colleague with a donation in their name to UNICEF USA. You can select any greeting card available through our catalog or online, and then it is individually printed announcing the donation in the recipient's name. The minimum order quantity for these cards is 10 cards (10 different recipients) with a minimum donation of $25 each.

Q: If I add the same card to my purchase multiple times and make customization changes to each will I be able to combine the quantities to receive a price break?
A: Cards must be identical in order to receive a quantity price break. Any changes made to a design will be charged at the rate of a separate purchase.

Q: How do I put add a signature on the inside of the card?
A: You will receive a separate email with a link after completing your order. Click on the link, and it will take you to our electronic proof tool. From there, you will download the signature proof. Your proof will include the sentiment you chose and any personalization you provided. Print and sign the signature proof within the white space inside the borders. Sign the proof exactly where you want your signature(s) to be placed on the card. After applying your signature, scan the proof and upload it to the proof tool. Afterwards, you must click on the approve button noting any additional instructions. If you are not able to upload the scan, please email it to us at cards@unicefusa.org or mail it to us at UNICEF USA, 2800 Gholson Road, Waco, TX 76704

Q: What is card assembly?
A: The assembly fee is $.50/card. This includes assembly of all components including, folding the card along the score line, inserting the foil insert sheet and wrapping the elastic cord around both the card and insert to keep it in place. This service does not include placing each card in the envelope. When Card Assembly is an option and you choose not to have your cards assembled, the cards and insert sheets will ship flat and pre-scored for easy folding. The proper number of elastic cords will also be provided for self-assembly.

Q: Can my UNICEF Business Collection Cards and Envelopes be recycled once my recipients are done with them?
A: Yes! All of the cards and envelopes featured in our collection can be placed in any curbside recycling container.